Tapping Intuition

What do you do if you have a disease which has few clinical trials but lots of patients needing help, and 30 or so practitioners with decades of experience under their belts?


Gathering the treatment insights of top ME/CFS practitioners…It’s going to be interesting.

Instead of waiting for a clinical trial to get underway (or not) you ‘tap their intuition’; i.e. you design a survey designed to detect what they think works in ME/CFS.

That’s what the The CFIDS Association (whoops) – Solve ME/CFS Foundation  –  did. They invited about 30 ME/CFS experts (Dr’s Jose Montoya, Øystein Fluge, Katherine Rowe, Carl-Gerhard Gottfries, Nancy Klimas, Peter Rowe, Italo Biaggioni plus about 20 more) to tell them how. Fifteen ended up telling them:

  1. How effective the drugs they used were
  2. What kind of alternative treatments worked
  3. How they strategized their treatment approaches; i.e., which symptoms did they treat first? Which symptoms were related?

The results are coming soon. Find out more here. 

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