Ian Lipkin thinks the gut holds the key to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and who are we to disagree with him? ).

Five dollars to help the best viral hunter on the plan gut it out for ME/CFS

Five dollars to help the best viral hunter on the plan gut it out for ME/CFS

His study will identify microbes that are associated with immune activation in ME/CFS, then find ways to knock them down using probiotics, antibiotics followed by probiotics, restriction diets and/or perhaps even fecal transplants. Proof of concept clinical trials are envisioned. They want to move fast…

Like many others he’s had trouble at times raising the dough he needs to fund his ME/CFS research. He’s gotten help, though, from “The Microbe Discovery Project” – a group of ME/CFS patients who built a beautiful website to help get Lipkin as deep into the guts of ME/CFS patients as he can.

Thus far 750 donors have sent an amazing $140,000 Lipkin’s way.

Now The Microbe Discovery Project is engaged  in a five dollar challenge to keep the research moving.  Check that out and more on this study as well as Dr. Lipkin’s upcoming talks on ME/CFS here. 

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