Maybe you missed some talks. Maybe you never checked out the Fatigue Superconference at all.  Maybe you thought the online alternative health Conference was over.

It was! But It’s back for a two-day Encore.  This weekend the whole conference is available to watch again. With the dozens of expert presentations  there’s a lot to watch. In fact, if you stayed up all 48 hours this weekend you’d still only be able to see 2/3rd’s of it. (Talk about fatiguing!)

Instead of staying up and watching, it though, you can purchase the whole shebang. Doing that will give you access to it any time you want and includes:

  • 41 feature interviews video/audio
  • 8 case in-depth case studies
  • 8 recovery stories
  • 8 meditations
  • 8 yoga sessions
  • 3 sessions to support carers
  • Digital transcripts of all interviews, recovery stories and case studies

Added Package

Want more of the Conference’s  alternative approach to ME/CFS ? Not into video’s? The Superconference “Superpackage” 🙂 is available this weekend only.  For an extra $40 you will get.

  • a printed transcript of the entire conference
  • 40+ in-depth recovery stories
  • Dozens of instructional video modules
  • and, if you’re interested in Alex Howard and the Optimum Health Clinic’s nutritional and mind/body approach to ME/CFS, you’ll get a deep dive into their approach

Purchase the extra package here 

Find out more about the Conference below:

It’s spring and that means the online alternative health conferences are here. Coming up tomorrow and running from June 10th-17th is the most comprehensive online fatigue conference I’ve seen. If you’re open to alternative health approaches to ME/CFS, FM or other diseases that produce fatigue, there’s a lot here.

Interested in watching the conference? Click on the Attend button to get registered.

Interested in watching the conference? Click on the Attend button to get registered.

In addition to the usual bunch of goodies – such as free ebooks including one which details how 12 people recovered, this conference will also, for the first time, provide live Q and A sessions with the speakers, as well as guided yoga and meditation sessions for those who employ or who want to learn about those practices.

As with all these conferences, registering for the conference – which begins tomorrow – is free and allows you to watch each day’s videos for free. If you want to be able to download all the videos and watch them at your leisure, you can buy the program.

Check out what the conference offers below:

The Online Talks

Some of the more interesting talks for me include:

Dr. Neil Nathan will talk on why he believes that the order in which you treat these diseases is crucial.

Dr. Sarah Myhill will explain why she thinks a paleo diet is such an important part of a treatment plan to fix the broken mitochondria found in ME/CFS and other diseases.

Murray CBD

Dr. Michael Murray will speak on CBD

Dr. Brian Mowll will explain why improving glucose tolerance – an increasingly interesting issue in both ME/CFS and fibromyalgia – can be helpful.

Dr Raphael Kellman will talk on why providing prebiotics – not probiotics – is important in improving our gut and our overall health.

Dr. Michael Murray will talk on the latest research on CBD and how the endocannabinoid system can be used to reduce pain and improve health.

Dr Datis Kharrazian will talk on how the brain and vagus nerve impact fatigue and health.

Dr. Terry Wahls will do something different. She will, of course, talk about diet – her focus for many years given her remarkable recovery from multiple sclerosis, but she will also talk on how powerful it is to have meaning and purpose in your life, and how important it is to surround yourself with a positive community.

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald will talk on a possibly important topic given how ME/CFS often is abruptly triggered – how epigenetic alterations possibly caused by an infection can fundamentally change how our genes are expressed, and how it may be possible to change them back.

Shivan Sharna

Dr. Sharna will speak on SIBO.

Dr. Evan Hirsh will echo Dr. Neil Nathan with his discussion of how diseases like ME/CFS are best treated in stages.

Dr. Shivan Sarna will talk on an issue an ME/CFS expert recently told me (to my surprise) runs rampant in ME/CFS and FM and which may have autoimmune implications –  small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO).

Dr Justin Marchegiani will speak on a new theme to me regarding the thyroid – how what’s going on in the gut may be affecting your thyroid.

Speaking of the gut, Donna Gates will talk on one of my favorite topics, how using fermented foods may improve your gut health.

Order and download the entire package here.

If you’re into the effects of stress and emotional healing and other similar subjects, there are many other talks on energy medicine, the effects of traumatic events in the past, stress reduction, etc., as well talks on nutrition, etc.

Conference Affiliate

Health Rising is an affiliate of this conference. Use this link to find out more about the conference and/or register for it, or purchase the conference package which will support Health Rising.

If you watch the conference, please provide your feedback!  Let us know whether you think Health Rising should affiliate itself with these conferences and why.



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