A view from a window off of Lake Geneva, Switzerland from WindowSwap. This one comes with music.

Created by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, a wife and husband team in Singapore, WindowSwap is one of those silver linings that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Inspired by the need to combat COVID-19 cabin fever, the site features views from windows around the world. It’s a site for would-be travelers, for shut-ins, for the curious of all ages and types.

Without knowing it, Sonali spoke for many in the ME/CFS/FM community when she said:

“Let’s face it, it’s going to be a while before we travel again and wake up to a new view outside our windows,”

People submit 10 minute videos from their windows across the world to the site. Back in July, the site had 60 videos. As of October 2nd, it had a library of over 6,000.  Ranjit and Balasubramaniam select 130 videos from around the world to get uploaded to the site. The views are refreshed regularly.

Pets wander in and out, birds chirp, people pass by. Check out places you would never be able to go even if you were healthy. I recently visited the blue skies and skyscrapers of Vancouver, a very lush Amsterdam, an oceanfront setting in Alexandria, Egypt, a view of Lake Geneva – each was different, each in its own way a little surprising. I look forward to seeing how the views change during the seasons.

You can scroll through them or you can keep especially enticing views rolling and rolling. CBC news reported that one of the co-founders, Balasubramaniam, did just that with one of his favorite views.

“Mine was this gorgeous view in Italy, which had this very hypnotizing wind chime, which just kept revolving all the time. And the view was to die for. But I could just look at that for hours. And there was this really soothing kind of classical music playing in the background. That was definitely one of my windows I was drawn to.”

No app is required. No need to join anything – it’s simply a website. You go to the website and then click on:  “Open a new window somewhere in the world”.

Check out WindowSwap here.

Health Rising is not affiliated with WindowSwap in any way.




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