Psychiatrist Theodore Henderson kept getting highly fatigued adolescents diagnosed with treatment resistant depression referred to him …who did not meet the criteria for depression.


Dr. Henderson proposes that many adolescents with ‘treatment resistant depression’ actually have ME/CFS

Read why one Colorado psychiatrist believes many adolescents diagnosed with treatment resistant depression actually have ME/CFS – which can be treated successfully with antivirals.

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Treatment Resistant Depression or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Child Psychiatrist Finds Success With Antivirals

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Last Chance to Participate in the High Dose Thiamine Survey!

increased energy

The high-dose (200/mg or more of oral thiamine daily) survey is closing soon – and will be open until Friday, May 7. If you are currently taking high-dose thiamine or have done so in the past, and feel comfortable sharing your experience, please complete the survey here.  (Please do not start high-dose thiamine just to participate in the survey.) Find out more about high-dose thiamine in ME/CFS/FM here.


Coronavirus vaccines

Tell us how your coronavirus vaccination went and find out how other people with ME/CFS and/or FM fared with their coronavirus vaccination in Health Rising’s Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Poll.

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