Health Rising continues its series of blogs on basic aspects of fibromyalgia with a look at which kinds of doctors help and don’t help.  From general practitioners to physiatrists (pain specialists) people with FM see a wide variety of practitioners who range from the wholly uninformed to the supremely informed.

Which doctors helped or didn’t help you the most?

Of course, you can’t judge a doctor’s competence until you see her/him. One general practitioner might be great while another is totally uninformed. The question this survey is trying to answer is whether you have a better chance with some types of practitioners than others.

Theoretically FM specialists, rheumatologists and pain doctors should help more but do they? Pain clinics which offer multidimensional treatment plans would seem to be the best option for this puzzling disease, but are they? Let’s find how what gives in this very heterogenous field.

If you have fibromyalgia or a combination of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome please take the survey below and let us know your experiences with different types of practitioners.

(Unfortunately, only the results of the questions that used polls are shown immediately. I will report on the survey results later.)


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