Lorrie Rivers’s path to recovery led her to focus on alternative medicine and mind/body techniques.


Lorrie Rivers’s story is not an unusual one – except for how it turned out. At the age of 22, she collapsed and was bedbound and housebound for the next 8 years. Like most of us, she saw everyone she could and tried everything she could – to no avail. It wasn’t until she explored mind/body and energy healing practices that she was able to calm her system down sufficiently enough to heal. Since then she’s been coaching others on how to do the same.

There are several things I like about her Long Covid and ME/CFS Summit. Please note this is a replay of an earlier Summit this year that I asked Lorrie to do after I somehow missed it.

One – with longtime practitioners Dr. Nancy Klimas, Dr. Charles Lapp, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum starting it off, it’s aimed squarely at chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and long-COVID communities. Two – I think of it as a practical Summit – it’s filled with things you can do at home to try and impact these illnesses.

Nancy Klimas

In what may be her first online Summit, Nancy Klimas talks about basic protocols, her ME/CFS supercomputer research, and her big long-COVID study.

The Basics Section starts off with Dr. Klimas talking about her basic protocols, her supercomputer research, and her big long-COVID study. Next comes Dr. Teitelbaum, talking about something we all do – but perhaps few of us probably do well – “self-experimentation” – and his “energy analysis” for ME/CFS. Two talks on long COVID and ME/CFS follow – including one by Dr. Lapp. Alex Howard gives a talk on his long and rather amazing ME/CFS recovery story and how he “decodes fatigue”.

Lorrie wraps the day up with her own conception of the four “Healing Phases of ME/CFS” and how they could inform your treatment protocols. The Bonus Section of the day digs into whether Paxlovid can help with ME/CFS.

“Deepening the Foundations” – Next, the “Deepening the Foundations” day includes talks on the gut (food-based supplements, going keto without problems, “protein sparing”, and fasting), plus no less than three talks on breathing – an apt subject given how clear it’s become that the breathing is “off” in ME/CFS and long COVID – how to reduce anxiety through breathing, Buteyko breathing, and breathing practices for people with long COVID from a certified breathing instructor.

Breathing Better in ME/CFS and Long COVID? The Inspiratory Muscle Training Trial


Several talks focus on different breathing techniques that may be helpful.

New Frontiers – Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is featured in two talks (one by Dr. Afrin), then Todd Davenport talks on something utterly practical and easy to do at home – how to monitor your heart rate for better health – and I talk on the latest research.

Electric Currents Day – then comes something I’ve never seen in an online Summit but which is sorely needed: three talks on vagus nerve stimulation, including one that features a new kind of apparently more effective ear clip and how to experiment with TENS unit settings. Interspersed with those on the “electric current” day are talks on the Arc4Health Microcurrent Device, infrared light healing, and ozone therapy. These may seem futuristic, but the NIH is devoting $250 million in its SPARC Initiative to finding ways to impact the electrical currents in the body for better health.

SPARC-ing an Electroceutical Revolution – A Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS Perspective

Mindfulness and Alternative Health Programs – Next comes talks on mindfulness and alternative health programs – most of which were developed for people with ME/CFS by people with ME/CFS. They include Dan Neuffer’s “ANS Rewired”, Ashok Gupta’s “Neuroplasticity Brain Retraining Program” – which has gotten good results in some studies recently – a self-directed Trauma Resolution Model, and others.

Yoga and mindfulness

Other days focus on electrical devices, yoga and mindfulness.

Energy Medicine, Yoga, and Mindfulness Days – Two more days focus on Energy Medicine, Yoga, and Mindfulness. Nina Haley talks about how to help balance your hormonal cycles using yoga, Lorrie Rivers gives her “Three Keys” (to healing), and one intriguing talk asks if it’s possible to have a chronic illness without suffering...

Throughout the Summit, Lorrie gives many talks on mindfulness/meditation and movement techniques that helped her and others calm down their hyperactive systems and help heal. They include talks on her “Trilogy Meditation process”, “restorative yoga”, “yoga Nidra for sleep”, “calming meditation”, “floor yoga”, and others.

Focused mostly on “softer” alternative health techniques, this Summit isn’t for everyone, but if you want to give these kinds of interventions – which have been helpful for quite a few – a chance to try, Lorrie’s Summit is a good place to check them out and learn more.

As noted earlier, after I missed the first go-around of the Summit, Lorrie agreed to provide another go at it. This Summit, which runs from Sept 16th to the 19th, packs seven days of presentations into four. The same general rules apply. You can:

  • Register for free and watch the presentations on the day they are presented, or
  • Buy the whole kit and kaboodle for $57 and download the presentations, and watch them at your leisure.

You can register or purchase the Summit here 

Health Rising is an affiliate of this Summit and will receive some funding when the package is purchased.


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