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With our blogs, and the GIST, and now with Geoff’s narrations, we take complex topics and try to make them as understandable as possible.

We dig wide and deep as we tackle complex subjects and try to make them as understandable as possible. Look at the wide range of blogs just from the last month or so. From brain donation to ME/CFS/FM/long-COVID mimics to research breakthroughs to treatment possibilities, Health Rising is seemingly everywhere.

The Immune Switch in the Brain blog, for instance, showed how a major immune breakthrough could particularly impact diseases like ME/CFS/FM and long COVID, while “A Failure to Respond” and the Intramural study and Effort Preference blog focused on particular ME/CFS breakthroughs.

On the treatment end, a new supplement possibility (LOLA) sat next to a blog on a way to exercise anaerobically. Our commitment to present every possibility present for people with ME/CFS led us to publish two recovery stories: one employing a unique anti-parasite and alternative medicine approach and another, more controversial one, employing EFT.

Some of the blogs over the last month or so include:

  • Presented two new treatment possibilities – LOLA and anaerobic exercise program.
  • Two recovery stories – showed how Melody was able to get off oxygen and 13 meds after COVID-19, and how, in her darkest moment, Flo was somehow able to recover after decades with ME/CFS.
  • Switch

    The Immune Switch blog showed how a major immune finding in the brain may have particular relevance for ME/CFS, FM and long COVID.

    Explored how a master immune switch in the brain could impact ME/CFS/FM and long COVID.

  • Alerted the community to the fact that some people with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and long COVID might actually have myasthenia gravis.
  • In “A Failure to Respond“, we used past study results to show that, on many levels, the bodies of people with ME/CFS just aren’t seem to be responding to exercise (!)
  • Our blog showing how people with ME/CFS and FM can donate their brains to science got such a response that it was included in the Brain donor newsletter.
  • We cleared up the controversial and disturbing “effort preference finding” (it wasn’t psychological at all) in the Nath Intramural study and demonstrated how the study is helping to energize research at the NIH.

Coming Up

Big Map Project

Health Rising’s Big Map Project will allow patients to tell their stories, communicate with each other, and find good doctors.

Big Map Project – These things always take longer (a lot longer (lol)) than expected, but with our Lives Interrupted program launched and running, we are about to launch the next part of our Big Map project – the patient section – which will allow you to put yourself on the map and communicate with others in your community. After that comes the Doctor review site. With that, HR will have the most comprehensive and useful chronic illness map on the web.

The Lives Interrupted Project for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Long COVID, POTS and Lyme Disease is Here!

Two brains talkin

The “What’s Up? Doc” Zoom interview series will allow you to hear from the top experts in the ME/CFS, FM, long COVID and allied fields.

The “What’s Up Doc”  Zoom Interview Series – features Zoom interviews with ME/CFS, FM, long COVID and related experts about what’s exciting them right now. We’ve already wrapped up talks with Nancy Klimas MD, Eleanor Stein MD, Emily Taylor of Solve M.E., and Lauren Stiles of Dysautonomia International, and many others are coming. If you know of someone you think Health Rising should interview, please let us know.

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With just one full-time (me) and one part-time (Stavya) employee, and two volunteers (an editor and narrator (Geoff)), our financial needs are puny compared to the difference we make in the world – but they are real. Health Rising is unfortunately not a hobby site I do on the side – it’s my sole source of income – and it’s your support that makes it possible.

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