Coronavirus Central

Yellow coronavirus virons emerging from a cell.

Yellow coronavirus virions emerging from a cell.

Tracking – check out the multiplicity of ways the virus is being tracked: its spread, its infectious rate, the deaths it’s causing, efforts to model its effects.

Advice From ME/CFS/FM Doctors and Researchers – ME/CFS/FM doctors and researchers give advice.

Staying Safe – how to stay safe including: hand washing, nasal irrigation, disinfecting, making a mask, plus – is the virus being aerosolized? How long is the virus alive on different surfaces, and does the amount of virus present matter?

Treatments – Check out the astonishing number of COVID-19 treatment trials underway. (Updated 4/13)

Apps – be part of the solution; use apps that help us understand the spread of the virus; plus, use apps that can warn you if you’ve been in contact with someone who is infected.

The Coronavirus Series From Health Rising


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