Could COVID-19 be the best thing to ever happen to ME/CFS?

The COVID-19 pandemic is squeezing our medical systems, whacking our economy, testing our leadership and our resources but at the bottom of it COVID-19 is one thing – it’s severe infection – and we know the role severe infections play in ME/CFS/FM – they often trigger it.

Studies indicate that past SARS outbreaks also triggered ME/CFS/FM-like illnesses in people who’d been infected. With millions likely to come down with COVID-19 the opportunity exists to get at the source of post-infectious illnesses like ME/CFS/FM once and for all.
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The Coronavirus Series From Health Rising

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HISTORIC Action to Double NIH Funding For ME/CFS Under Way


After years of work it’s time to attempt what we’ve never been able to do before – get Congress to force the NIH to double its funding for ME/CFS. Support the historic bill to increase research funding, add new ME/CFS research centers, require the development of a strategic plan, etc.. It will take less than 5 minutes.

Be a part of making history. Find out more about the effort here and join it here. 

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