It’s been quite a month on the HR Forums. My experience with Forums is that at some point they just catch on. That happened last month on the HR Forums with the number of posts zinging up 6 times their previous record and pageviews booming up 50%.

Health Rising Forums

The Health Rising Forums are booming ….

If you’ve checked out the Health Rising Forums please check them out again and if you haven’t – check out the only ME/CFS/FM Forums with Recovery Stories, Doctor Reviews, Resource and Media sections.

We’ve also recently added the ability to see the Forums in a long form and short form formats (see Switch to Compact/Detailed Format button) and will be adding a newly designed Forum package in soon.

You can find the Health Rising ME/CFS and FM Forums here.

One Warning – some past or present Phoenix Rising Forum members have reported being banned, being put under moderation and/or having their private messaging abilities cut off after they said/ raised some issues about the way the PR forums are run on Health Rising.  If you plan to participate on that or other threads please consider using a different user name on the Health Rising Forums.

New on the Health Rising Forums



Some Oldie But Goody Polls

Recovery Stories



Two New Video Sections Added

  • The Vagus Nerve and Vagus Nerve Stimulation  – Dr. Natelson said he was blown away by the results of his and Dr. Lange’s vagus nerve stimulation study in fibromyalgia. As he begins a new trial (reportedly in the next couple of months) find out what the vagus nerve is and does, how to enhance vagus nerve activity with surgically implanted and external vagus nerve stimulators and/or mind/body/breathing techniques.
  • Ketamine – has been a wonder drug for some with severe pain and/or depression. Clinical trials are underway to bring new Ketamine drugs to market. Learn more about a powerful drug that may be coming to your doctor’s office in the not too distant future.


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