Bateman Horne Center

The Bateman Horne Center was created out of the desire to help more people.

Dr. Bateman’s private practice was swamped. Her waiting list was a mile long – and she’d had it! With visions of all the patients she couldn’t help dancing in her head, Dr. Lucinda Bateman threw her hat over the wall, closed her practice, and embarked on a bold experiment. In order to help more people, she would build a not-for-profit institution that combined clinical care, research, and education under one roof for people with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM).

Rob Ence BHC director

Rob Ence was the man charged with turning Dr. Lucinda Bateman’s vision into reality

The problem was that she wanted to treat everyone possible, and not be dependent on fees from the more well-off to survive. The Bateman Horne Center (BHC) that resulted is an anomaly in the ME/CFS/FM ecosystem. It takes insurance and provides services for some who can’t fully pay for them, and it does so without stinting on treatment for two of the most time and energy-intensive conditions around.

In order to survive, the Center needed to bring in money from a diverse array of sources including clinical fees (insurance, patient fees), research studies and grants, donations, and fundraising.

A couple of years ago, I’d talked with the Center’s Research Czarista Suzanne Vernon and Executive Director Rob Ence. Ence was the man Dr. Bateman had tasked to make the impossible happen. An engaging presence, I could see why Dr. Bateman had chosen him to try to bring her baby to term.

Filling “The Landscape of Unmet Needs” in ME/CFS and FM: The Bateman Horne Center Pt 1

The Bateman Horne Center – Filling “The Landscape of Unmet Needs in ME/CFS and FM” Pt II – The Education Center


A couple of years and one pandemic later, I was eager to follow up with Rob. He’s  served and managed boards of directors for non-profit organizations for decades but BHC was a different deal. Five years into the experiment I wanted to know how the BHC was doing. Were the projected revenue streams holding up? Had they been able to find doctors willing to work for less? Had the Center made it through the coronavirus pandemic OK? What were his thoughts on the current medical system?

Ence was the same engaging character I had reviewed earlier. Find out what he said about this unique institution in a Zoom interview.

The Zoom Interview

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