Over 1300 registrations, 650 threads and almost 3,000 posts later  Health Rising’s Forums have come a long way in 2 1/2 months.

If you’re just registered for the blog you may be missing out on some good material.  If you’re registered and haven’t been by lately –  do come by again. A lot has happened on the Health Rising Forums in the last couple of months. Here’s some of it.


We’re frequently running shorter blog – length articles on the Forums. Recent ones include

And of course there are shorter posts


Health Rising has the most interesting polls on the internet.

Recovery Stories

girl-turned-powerfulWe’re slowly getting our list of recovery stories onto the Forums. Check out


BooksCheck out our growing resource section


video-IIThe Health Rising Forums may already have the largest ME/CFS and FM video section on the internet

and many more

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