Health Rising’s short (for us) and painless (for you) summer donation drive has begun. We call it “painless” because we like to focus on recurring donations in the summer drive. A $5 or $10 or more recurring donation/month is pretty painless for many people and yet these small but consistent donations play a big role in keeping Health Rising afloat and moving forward. (Of course, we love one-time donations as well!)
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If you’re able to, please push a little money our way!

We don’t need a lot. Health Rising is not a big operation – it consists of just two employees: Stavya, our tech guru (whose work is going to be highlighted very soon) and myself. With its in-depth reporting and the consistent stream of reporting, though, Health Rising occupies a unique place in the ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and long-COVID universes.

Providing as comprehensive and accurate information on the latest research and treatment findings as possible has been our goal since day one. That was the goal I had almost 2 decades ago when, rabid for information on these puzzling illnesses, I looked around the web and saw the same short, and to my mind, unilluminating reports again and again. I wanted to dig deeper and share my personal quest to understand these diseases with everyone free of charge. Phoenix Rising, and later Health Rising, was the result.

Almost 20 years later, there is more and more to report on every month and honestly, it’s getting hard to keep up. (On that note – we welcome guest bloggers who are willing to take deep dives into the research options, treatment options, books, their personal stories, etc. Please use the Contact Us link :))

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We informed the community of an $8 million mitochondrial trial.

Over the past month and a half – while virtually ignoring a wealth of new data on long COVID – Health Rising has published the following that:

While Health Rising is provided for free, producing it is not without cost. Health Rising is not a hobby website or something that Stavya or I do in our free time. It provides for my livelihood and supports Stavya as well. That’s why your contributions are essential to keeping HR on the web.

This again is why we love recurring donations. Small, medium, or large – they really add up over time. They’re a way to pretty painlessly make a big difference with Health Rising. Sign up for a $5 or $10 (or more) recurring monthly donation – you’ll probably hardly notice it, but that little bit – multiplied many times over – provides a vital source of revenue for Health Rising.

Or simply grace us with a one-time donation via Paypal or check. We love those too. Checkd made out to Health Rising are gratefully received at

Cort Johnson, 404 Boulder Hwy, PO Box 91245, Henderson, NV 89015.

This drive will last three weeks and we hope to raise $15,000.






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