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Nine ME/CFS Experts – One question once a month …It could be yours!

Got an issue you’d like some of the most experienced ME/CFS/FM doctors on the planet to take a jab at? Here’s your chance.

Once  a month we will ask the community for  questions (make them tough ones!) they would like answered from our nine person ME/CFS expert physician panel.

We will ask patients to provide all the relevant details they can think of including past history, medical tests, and treatments they’ve tried.  I or the community will pick the experts question.

The experts will be  given about two weeks to respond, and the opportunity to ask further questions of the patient, and then we’ll post their answers on the website. We’ll want to know what their treatment approach would be; i.e. what further tests they might want to be run, what they believe may be happening and, so forth.

We’ll put the questions that don’t get answered on separate web page (sans email address, name and phone #).  (If you provide the question of the month your name, email address and phone number will not be released.)

We’re looking for data-rich questions that give our experts  something to really gnaw on and which may provide illumination for others.

Simply fill out the questionnaire below and it will be included in the pool of questions for that months session.

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Watch any of the 40-plus presentations from Dr. Murphree’s Freedom from Fibro Summit for free this encore weekend. If exploring alternative health options is something for you – or if you just want to explore what’s out there – Dr. Murphree’s Summits provide a great overview of the possibilities this large field of medicine presents.

The Summit provides simple techniques to reduce pain and anxiety, provides updates on the latest research, diet options (one of which has helped me greatly), ways to boost energy, the latest on fibromyalgia research (my presentation), etc.

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The Panel

physician-stethoscopeThe experts on the panel come  from a variety of backgrounds.

One doctor has a particularly strong endocrinological focus (Holtorf);  another wrote the best-selling chronic fatigue syndrome treatment book published (Dr. Teitelbaum – From Fatigued to Fantastic); one became interested in this field after her sister became sick (Dr.Bateman);  three  had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at one time (Dr.Teitelbaum,  Dr. Lerner, Courtney Craig);  another is seeking to transform the  way we gather and analyze data (Dr. Kogelnik); one has been treating  patients almost since ME/CFS showed up in  the U.S. (Dr. Lapp); one, an infectious disease specialist, developed a hypothesis that  an unusual form of EBV causes this disorder (Dr. Lerner), another is a former HIV specialist (Dr. Kaufman), one UK physician left the financial security of the NHS in disgust because they so restricted what treatments she could offer (Dr.Sarah Myhill). One is also a senior instructor  in a ‘transformational educational program’ called Landmark Education (Dr. Alan Weiss).

The Doctors

Find out more about the doctors by clicking on the links below.

ME/CFS Cases

  • Carly’s story – Carly got ill from a flu she never recovered from. Fifteen years later, her system very fragile, she has trouble taking the medications that help her -and recently was diagnosed with an active viral infection,
  • Beverly’s story – Sick since 2011, Beverly is experiencing unrelenting pain, gets knocked off-stride by the smallest of stressors and has recently been diagnosed with the reactivation of two herpesvirus infections.

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