The Grand Goal

Health Rising empowering ME/CFS

Health Rising is committed to empowering patients, their supporters, advocates and researchers to bring about the end of ME/CFS.

Health Rising’s goal is no different from that of other ME/CFS/FM organizations – to help bring about the end of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM). Some organizations support ME/CFS by funding research. Health Rising supports that goal by keeping the community engaged in the research going on, by empowering research efforts, and by providing information on the latest treatment options.

Keeping the Community Engaged

Keeping the ME/CFS/FM community engaged in the evolving fields of ME/CFS and FM with our articles is vital to the success of this field. Spelling out the needs that do exist is a critical part of Health Rising’s mission but so is providing hope by making clear that exciting work is being done, new people are joining these fields, and advances are being made.

Empowering Research

Empowering the research foundations that are making vital discoveries needed to cure ME/CFS/FM is one of Health Rising’s key goals. You can’t support, after all, what you don’t know about. By providing, we think, the clearest and best information available on their work Health Rising provides an important gateway function. In fact, Health Rising’s vital role in empowering the work that is making a difference in ME/CFS, is by itself a great reason to support Health Rising.  The better Health Rising does – the better these organizations and their work to end ME/CFS will do.

Treatment Help

Providing treatment information that supplies new options, relieves suffering and improves the lives of people with these diseases is another key commitment. If a treatment breakthrough occurs, Health Rising is committed to covering it quickly and comprehensively.

Looking Back at 2018

community engagement

Keeping the community engaged in the work to understand ME/CFS and FM is a key goal

Both ME/CFS and fibromyalgia are still with us but some novel things did happen this year, and surprisingly enough, they involved possible treatments. For the first time in decades, a new drug (Cortene) is being tested in ME/CFS, plus a two-drug trial by longtime researcher and doctor, Nancy Klimas, is underway. On the fibromyalgia side, the huge infusion of money the federal government is providing for the hunt for 15 new pain drugs over the next five years provides much hope for better pain relief.

When considering where to put your precious money, please ask yourself where else  the following topics were given the kind of comprehensive reporting they received on  Health Rising. HR’s articles are also longer than others on the internet because we strive to provide a balanced analysis that puts research and treatment findings into context and provide you with the resources you need to benefit from them.

Some of the highlights covered by Health Rising this year included:

Small Website: Big Impact – Unique Resource

donation drive Health Rising

Get a great return on your investment – push a little money Health Rising’s way.

Health Rising is not just a “blog”. Its Resource Center contains links to over 350 resources and it has the largest database of Recovery stories on the internet.

Over 600,000 users visited the more than 1,600 articles and resources found on Health Rising over the last year, producing over 1,500,000 page views.  Health Rising did that on a small budget which included one full-time person and one part-time person working at very low rates (See our financial statements here).

BIG (little) Fundraising Drive

We call this the BIG (little) Fundraising drive because small amounts of money make a big difference for HR. We believe that your return on investment when you invest in HR can’t be matched anywhere else. Our overhead, after all, is incredibly small. Despite the fact that we feel we do professional work we don’t pay anything close to professional salaries. (Check out our financial statement.)

We do vitally need your help, though.  The more you support us the better we can spread the word, provide vital resources and help bring about a world without ME/CFS and FM. Our goal is to raise $35,000 – peanuts for many organizations but which would empower us in ways that I assure you will see and appreciate. 🙂

10 Ways to Support Health Rising

A little bit goes a long way at Health Rising

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